[Central] Morning Exercise then Burgers!! (Lane Eight x Shake Shack Event)

Lucky to have been able to join Lane Eight and Shake Shack's collaboration for a quick morning exercise on a cool Saturday morning 😎 Shout out to the coaches for leading the running and stretching! All the cool swag before it all began especially Lane Eight's new Relay Trainer (yes I can totally carry shocking pink 🤣). Quite comfy with quite the padding on the bottom and the shoe forms quite nicely around the feet 🤓 Although wish I wore longer socks as the tongue was actually a bit scratchy. That being said, this would likely replace my old pair of running shoes when I go gym-ing 😎 Now, I'm sure ShackBurgers need no introductions 😎 Personally, I went with No Bun (Lettuce Wrap 🤣), but leave all the trimmings! But gotta say, their traditional potato bun still can't be beat! Of course, Crinkle Cut Fries are always fantastic as well as their chicken bites! 😍😍 Would also like to this chance to mention (Although a bit late) the Hot Honey has made a return from last year! 🤩 For that sweet hit then spicy aftertaste! Worth getting an A la carte sauce to dip the fries into! 😎 Shop Address Shake Shack Locations at: IFC, Pacific Place, Elements, New Town Plaza, Harbour City, Times Square, Citygate, Metroplaza Lane Eight LG/F, 14 St Francis St, Wan Chai For More Food Adventures Instagram: Viansian.eats #Central #IFC #中環 #hkfood #hkfoodie #中環美食 #hkfoodblogger #Shake Shack #UBlog飲食 #ublog #Lane Eight #ShackBurger #Relay Trainer (此文章由U Blog 同步發佈至社群)

Shake Shack (IFC)
4018,4F IFC, Two International Finance Centre, Finance St, Central, 香港