[Wan Chai] The Pizza Project // Trekking Far and Wide for Pizza!

Recently, we've been trying to explore newer areas (to us) for excellent food 🤓 and that has led us to this pizza joint up one heck of a hill 🫨 Pizza Project is unlike the rest with a very home-y and diner-esque vibe just looking from outside; Standing by itself in a back road in solitude. Inside is even more home-y with the lighting and ambiance and of course… no rush! 😎 The menu is quite simple; A few appetizers and desserts, but a heck of a lot of pizzas! 😍 They've even got a super value of money tasting menu if you're really hungry! However, we opted for a la carte instead! The Tuna Carpaccio ($95) is a small plate with smoked tuna dressed up with some veggies, onions and lightly sauced; Sprinkled with some ground black pepper 😍 Plop everything on a slice of tuna for one magnificent savoury tastes! We also got the Loads of Meat pizza ($160) with the Chinese name really the main attraction - 好L多肉薄餅 🤣 There is a slight expectation gap with a name like that 🥺 It felt more like a meat lovers pizza than an extravagant experience! That being said, the portion is substantial itself 🤓 The crust is quite standard with the bottom a bit burnt 🙈 And we're not sure what happened, but the toppings and cheese kept sliding off the slice when we tried to eat it! =======================================================================Shop Information G/F, 5 Star Street, Wan Chai ======================================================================= For More Food Adventures Instagram: Viansian.eats ======================================================================= #Pizza #灣仔 #UBlog #hkfood #灣仔美食 #hkfoodie #星街 #UBlog飲食 #ublog #The Pizza Project #Star Street #Wan Chai Food #Meat Lovers Pizza (此文章由U Blog 同步發佈至社群)

The Pizza Project
地舖, 5 Star Street, 5 Star St, Wan Chai, 香港