[Tsuen Wan] Master Beef // Deluxe Hot Pot Experience!

As the cold weather has begun winding up, we opted to enjoy a lovely evening of premium hotpot at a nearby Master Beef! This time we chose the Deluxe Wagyu Beef set ($298 pp) to really spoil ourselves with the best beef! Next is the soup base; We were really stumped between Pineapple Chicken or Herbal, so we compromised with Tomato! Next up...the food! The cream of the crop is the M5 wagyu with all its beautiful marbling making it excellent for hotpot! Melting in your mouth with a beautiful fusion of meat and fat! Short ribs are next on the list with the "bouncy" teeth feel right after cooking! Diced angus cubes are also worth trying, but do note that they cook pretty quick! Lastly are the US beef, the SRF beef and prime beef differing from AUS in which they are much more rich and thick! We also got the wagyu beef balls, which doesn't have that gamey taste! Next are the more general food items... Directly imported from Taiwan, there are definitely some treats that we've never seen in other places such as mala balls! That being said they also filled the shelves up with other common items! The veggies looked beautifully fresh; Having tons of options! We also tried a black truffle fish paste; Strong truffle taste and quite unique! To finish off, we also got cooked goods too like the Taiwanese sausages! There are also mochi filled with peanuts (waku waku) and sesame which should definitely be a must order! The beverage selection is incredible too! Liking and following them gets you a free lemon shaken drink or you can opt for the fridges full of tailor made drinks too! BTW, the booze is extra! Finishing off the meal are the desserts... tofu pudding...incredible! The strawberry sorbet...only during the Valentine's period! We can't end this without mentioning the service, which was quite lovely! Staff incredibly nice and welcoming! Shop Address 16/F, Tai Hung Fai Centre, Tsuen Wan For More Food Adventures Instagram: Viansian.eats #hotpot #打邊爐 #荃灣 #hkfood #hkfoodie #荃灣美食 #Tsuen Wan #hkfoodblogger #荃灣大鴻輝中心 #UBlog飲食 #牛大人 #ublog #Tsuen Wan Food #Tai Hung Fai #Master Beef (此文章由U Blog 同步發佈至社群)

牛大人 (荃灣)