[Product] Shake Shack // Great Things in Small Packages

As we mentioned in the title, great things are found in little packages and in this particular case, it's Shake Shack's newest formula, the small shake. Your first impression may be - how's this new? To be honest, it's not! But when we look at other restaurants that offer shakes as part of their line-up, we can only go up in sizes from the default of 16oz to 24oz or even higher! 😅 For us though, we do love our sugary treats, but we always have to share a cup between the both of us which lessens the opportunity to try out more different flavours! In particular, we absolutely love the new Mango Bubble Shake (only in HK!) unfortunately, they only offer their core shakes in the small shake line-up! 😅 For those out of the loop, they have 6 flavours that make up their core line up: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Coffee, and Black n White. Our favourite? Definitely the strawberry shake! Nothing beats some freshly made custard combined with milk and a pump of strawberry syrup except...knowing that it's hand-spun and made to order! Back to the small shakes though! They're served up in these adorable little chubby cups 😍 unlike anything else we've seen so far; With a colourful palette of shakes! The hidden benefit to these smaller shakes is the lower sense of guilt! Adding on a small fun cup is a whole less guilty than a full on shake after a big meal! If you're craving for a dessert the next time you bite into a burger or even just passing by; Why not get a small shake to go? At $32 per shake, definitely an affordable way to satisfy that sweet tooth!😍 =======================================================================Shop Information Shake Shack: IFC, Pacific Place, Elements, Harbour City, Times Square, New Town Plaza, Citygate, Metroplaza ======================================================================= For More Food Adventures Instagram: Viansian.eats ======================================================================= #IFC #奶昔 #New Town Plaza #Harbour City #Elements #UBlog #hkfood #hkfoodie #hkfoodblogger #Metroplaza #Pacific Place #UBlog飲食 #Citygate #shake shack hong kong #shake shack #milkshake #Times Square #昔客堡 #small shake (此文章由U Blog 同步發佈至社群)

Shake Shack (Metroplaza)
It's so cute.😉